Radicool Australia Has Cracked The Solution In Protecting Your Skin From UV Induced Skin Cancer Which Is A Cause Of Concern In The Southern Hemisphere

Radicool’s projects have allowed Australian citizens to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of skin cancer.

Australia, 16th Sep 2022, Radicool Australia has transformed from a brand to a rescue service from the harmful UV rays in the Southern Hemisphere particularly the Australian continent. The products listed by Radicool have aided customers to fight this UV radiation while still enjoying life outdoors which is an Australian way of living. 

UV radiation is a growing cause of concern especially in Australia and New Zealand due to ozone depletion induced by the Greenhouse effect. Melanoma or skin cancer has been growing in Australia with an increased patient influx. Melanoma is a skin cancer that is caused by UV radiation incident on the skin. Radicool has taken action over the situation and has introduced its new line of products that can offer a UV protection of more than 100. 

The cosmetic industry has introduced Sunscreen lotion which barely offers a UV protection of around 40. Considering the depleted Ozone effect in the southern hemisphere, there is a need to get UV protection which is higher than 40. Radicool solution to this is its collection of UV protection clothing and hats that are designed with material that can block harmful UV radiation with a score of 100 and above. 

“We have aimed to provide people living in Australia a protection from the harmful UV radiation which is inducing skin concerns among its citizens. Our products use materials that have been carefully tested to provide protection from UV radiation and have a SPF/UPF level of 100. We want people to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of getting skin cancer,” said the founder of Radicool. Radicool has been quite open about this goal and has reflected in its range of products that are personalized to the sunny weather of Australia. 

The company’s product profile for UV protection included clothing options from infants to adults. “We have ensured that our prices are affordable allowing people to take this opportunity to seamlessly enjoy the outdoor life in Australia with their families which is how it’s supposed to be”, said an employee at Radicool. The company currently aims to spread this news across individuals, families, and friends who are feared to be diagnosed with skin cancer caused by the high UV index in Australia. 

About Radicool Australia

Radicool is an ecommerce website that provides customers with outdoor clothing options that provide the highest UV protection with SPF/UVF score of more than 100. The company was founded as a response to the increasing case of skin cancer in Australia induced by UV radiation. Products like clothing options, caps, and other accessories can be found here. 

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